Oxley Career Education Program

We live in a world where most people have more than one profession during their lifetime. To thrive in such an environment requires more than typical career planning. The Oxley Career Education Program is a nationally recognized program that helps students appreciate their strengths and interests, and understand the value and range of opportunities associated with those strengths–beginning from their first day of college and continuing to graduation.

Among the program’s benefits are counseling and services that allow students to identify their best professional options and cultivate the skills and expertise necessary to excel. Numerous resources and opportunities are available to students as they position themselves for lifelong professional fulfillment and success. They will also:

  • Master career building tools like self-assessments, resume writing, and interviewing practice and techniques
  • Prepare for national graduate and professional school exams
  • Build a professional portfolio, and forge professional connections
  • Participate in Oxley Discovery Internships linking the major to some of the world class professional opportunities in New York City

Apply for an Oxley Grant, which funds specialized research or creative projects.

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