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Faculty Involvement

We actively encourage faculty members across all disciplines to pursue grant opportunities, whether for research projects, needed equipment, or department-wide programs.  Below are suggestions on how to proceed, based on our most successful grant ventures:

  1. Inform us of your interest in pursuing a grant, providing:
    a. A broad outline of the subject matter, discipline, and relevance to the department or program in which the project will be situated;
    b. The anticipated type of grant, i.e., equipment, research, or programmatic.
  2. Consult your department chair; inform him or her of your grant plans
  3. Consult colleagues at the College and beyond to explore initial ideas
  4. Make an appointment with our office to discuss specific project ideas
  5. Discuss potential funders we select for the project; together we attempt to match your goals and a funder’s guidelines
  6. Identify funder, with guidance of our office, and plan initial approach, if applicable
  7. Discuss application strategies and submission logistics with us
  8. Prepare application, keeping us informed of progress
  9. Provide drafts for review and suggestions
  10. Submit final draft no later than 10 days before its due date for approval by our Director, department chair, and College officers