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CMSV Launches M.S. in International Development and Service (IDS)
4/3/2014 - Riverdale, N.Y. – The College of Mount Saint Vincent (CMSV) is beginning a 2-year, interdisciplinary Master’s Degree program in International Development and Service in collaboration with IPSL, an organization with a long tradition of developing and delivering successful international, service-learning programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The graduate program in International Development and Service places the College of Mount Saint Vincent as a pioneer of collaborative international graduate programs in the United States.

The program is designed to prepare leaders who serve others through careers with global non-profits, community development organizations, as well as other service-based institutions. The program is interdisciplinary in nature and combines rigorous academic study with significant hands-on volunteer service in the United States, Europe, and the Developing World. Graduates will gain intercultural competency, international experience, and a deep understanding of how to navigate complex partnerships in and between global communities. Service placements with community organizations around the world put graduates in a strong position to quickly secure career-track positions upon graduation.

The program will train students in areas including social policy and development, and draws from the fields of global health, multi-cultural education, and art as social intervention. The M.S. in IDS is four semesters in length. The first and last semesters will be completed at the College of Mount Saint Vincent in New York City, and the second and third semesters are completed overseas with institutional partners. The overseas sites include a choice of two of the following four options: London, England; Lima, Peru; Manila, Philippines; and Siena, Italy.

While in New York, students take courses at the College of Mount Saint Vincent, taught by CMSV faculty members. While abroad, courses range from Globalization and Multiculturalism; Global Sustainability and Governance; Sustainability in Practice; Ethics and Social Responsibility; Charity and the Law; Infrastructure and Education for Development.

This program will be offered in collaboration with IPSL (formerly International Partnership for Service Learning). IPSL is a 30 year-old mission-driven organization whose founders coined the term “service-learning.”  IPSL’s experience in graduate education is characterized by learning through grassroots experience, where students gain leadership skills and capacities that international organizations need, and solve real problems in informed, responsible ways for communities in the U.S. and abroad. Graduates from IPSL collaborative programs assume leadership roles in agencies serving the needs of diverse populations. And because IPSL graduates build an international, professional network during their program, they often have job offers before they graduate.

The M.S. in International Development and Service at CMSV will begin operations in Fall 2014. We will be accepting applications in April 2014. This program will accommodate 2 cohorts per year (Fall and Spring start time). Students who are interested in this program should contact

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