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College of Mount Saint Vincent Partners with IPSL
10/23/2013 - Riverdale, N.Y. – The College of Mount Saint Vincent has entered a collaboration with IPSL (formerly know as the International Partnership for Service Learning) to build a strong, long-term alliance and to work on a proposed graduate program in International Development and Service. 

The College’s collaboration with IPSL will include a fully-staffed office on campus to create a resource hub of activity for advising, information sharing, and ongoing program development. IPSL’s core mission is to provide an undergraduate study abroad experience that combines classroom knowledge and service placements.

IPSL will provide professional development training in areas including intercultural conflict resolution, mediation, and emergency response, as part of developing relationships with faculty on campus. Additionally, it will work with academic advisors to provide them with expertise on international service learning and study abroad opportunities.

Mount students will find paid internship opportunities in the IPSL Office on campus, which will introduce them to international and intercultural careers. The Office will also connect students with IPSL alumni.

During the upcoming year, the College and IPSL will develop partnerships with local nonprofit organizations and NGOs, while recruiting a diverse first group of students from the College. IPSL also hopes to launch the graduate program in International Development and Service with the College and IPSL’s NGO partners in the UK and Peru.

Thomas Morgan, president of IPSL, shares that the collaboration began two years ago when IPSL program staff from India spoke at the College about international service learning. "The serendipity of the wonderful mission-fit between CMSV and IPSL has provided myriad opportunities for collaboration."

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