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Veronica Vay '12
Veronica Vay      Psychology
Redbank Regional High School,
Redbank, NJ

When researching colleges and universities during her senior year of high school, Veronica Vay was thrilled when she discovered the College of Mount Saint Vincent.

“I love writing – and I wanted to keep writing – but I was more interested in psychology as a major, so I was really happy when I learned the Mount offered a writing minor. After visiting the school, I thought it was an unusually beautiful and diverse campus. Even now in my fourth year, I still feel that way. We don’t have any exclusive cliques – we all just mingle and socialize with each other as one community. This school has been everything I was looking for and more.”

Veronica is glad she had the opportunity to experience firsthand what a career in news reporting would actually mean, through her role as co-editor-in-chief of the school newspaper, the Mount Times, and as an intern at a local newspaper.

“The Mount’s internship program is excellent. Our faculty advisors encourage and help students to secure quality internships in our fields of study. While I loved working at an internship at the local newspaper here in the Bronx, it helped me to realize it wasn’t the setting I wanted for myself as a full time career. That alone is a huge accomplishment – because trying something and learning it’s not what I want to do is an important exercise in helping me to figure out what I do want.”

As a psychology major and writing and philosophy minor, Veronica is grateful for her relationships with her advisor, Assistant Professor of Psychology Dr. Tracy Prout and other faculty including Assistant Professor of Philosophy Dr. Eli Moore.

“They’ve each made such a significant contribution to my scholastic and extracurricular achievements, and have helped me fulfill my dreams in different ways. Because the Mount is such a small school and so close to New York City, I am afforded better-quality opportunities that I wouldn’t have gotten at a larger college.”

While not entirely sure what she wants to do after graduation, Veronica has enjoyed her path to discovery.

“Overall, my dream is to do something that I really love for the rest of my life, and the Mount is helping me to figure out what that is. I’m not entirely sure which way I’ll go yet, but I’m definitely happy about where I’ve been.”