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Conditional Admission for International Students
International students applying to the College of Mount Saint Vincent’s undergraduate programs must include in their application proof of a sufficient mastery of English, both oral and written, at a level appropriate for academic studies at a U.S. college or university.

This requirement can be met by providing the College of Mount Saint Vincent with an official score on the TOEFL exam, on the IELTS exam, or on the SAT exam. The minimum acceptable score on the IELTS is 6.5, for TOEFL it is 550.

Conditional Admission
Applicants whose scores are below these minimum requirements, but otherwise fulfill all of the other requirements for admission, may be granted “conditional admission” into a program of undergraduate studies at the College of Mount Saint Vincent.  Students who have been granted conditional admission must successfully complete a program of English Language training at the College before enrolling in academic coursework. The following table outlines the length of English language training that will be required for such students.

Score on TOEFL (paper) Score on IELTS ELS Training Program Required at CMSV
550 or higher  6.5 or higher  no English language training is required 
greater or equal to 520
but less than 550
greater or equal to 6.0
but less than 6.5
one month of training (summer program)
greater or equal to 490
but less than 520
greater or equal to 5.5
but less than 6.0
three months of training (summer program)
below 490 below 5.5 at least one full semester of training

Students enrolled in an English language training program will reside on campus, attend language training classes full-time, and be provided with full room and board.

Entering students granted conditional admission will also be provided, on arrival at the College, a one-week international student orientation program with an overview of life in New York City and an introduction to the vast array of resources available to College of Mount Saint Vincent students.

The costs of the English language training program, including full room and board on campus for 2012:

  • One month summer English language training program, $3,000
  • Full summer English language training program, $8,000
  • Full semester program of English language training, $15,000
Note:  unlike many colleges and universities in the United States, the College of Mount Saint Vincent makes student housing and meal plans available 365 a year for international students.

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