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Center for Undergraduate Research

The Center for Undergraduate Research was founded in 2010 to enable students to carry through the original research they started in class and prepare it for public presentations, under the guidance of their faculty mentors.

Guiding Principles of the Center for Undergraduate Research
1) Students propose and undertake original research for which they receive credit.

2) The final product of the research is available for public examination.  

3) The Center is open to the entire College.

How the Center Benefits Students
1) Developing Critical Thinking Through Original Research
Students utilize the scientific method to bring their projects from an abstract idea to a fully realized publication. The Center for Undergraduate Research provides assistance to guide the students’ efforts. 

Students learn:

  • Conceptual development of research questions
  • Methodological design
  • Execution of the design
  • Organization and analysis of data
  • Presentation of findings

2) Learning Replicable and Marketable Skills
Students who conduct research within the Center for Undergraduate Research hone their critical thinking skills and gain experience in survey research design, qualitative interviewing, and secondary data analysis, among others.

3) Building an Identifiable Area of Expertise 
Conducting original research allows students to develop specific areas of expertise, such as the emergence of multicultural curricula in NYC schools, eating disorders, or mapping the human genome.

4) Professional Socialization and Worldview Expansion
The Center for Undergraduate Research facilitates the development of peer relationships among students, faculty, and administrators, a crucial outcome of the college experience. Students have the opportunity to present their work in formal settings, network with professionals, and travel to various parts of the country and the world to gain global perspectives.

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Dr. Omar Nagi
Department of Sociology
Founders Hall 215
Phone: (718) 405-3272