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Philippine Studies Minor

The Minor in Philippine Studies is an interdisciplinary area studies minor housed in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures. The program focuses on the language, literature, culture, history, and society of the Philippines. It provides students with a greater awareness and appreciation of diverse peoples and cultures as well as a greater sensitivity towards the problems and issues facing the Philippines today.

The program makes students more attractive job candidates in an increasingly competitive global market, and additionally enables them to better meet the needs and demands of the Philippine community in the New York City.

The Philippine Studies Minor is a six course, 18-credit program of study. The following four courses are required:

  • Filipino 101-102 Introduction to Tagalog I and II;
  • Filipino 216 Aspects of Philippine Culture;
  • Filipino 340 Philippine Civilization
A maximum of two approved courses related to Philippine Studies from other disciplines may be applied toward the Minor, provided that the students complete a contract ensuring that they will complete a significant portion of their research and assignments on issues related to the Philippines.

Students may also complete their requirements by taking two courses in Philippine Studies at the University of Hawaii. Up to two courses which count towards the major may also be applied to fulfill minor requirements. 

Approved Courses Listed by Department

Department of Modern Languages and Literatures

The following four courses are required:
FILI 101-102 Introduction to Filipino (Tagalog) I and II 
FILI 216 Aspects of Philippine Culture
FILI 340 Philippine Civilization

Department of Business and Economics

ECON 336 International Trade
ECON/BUS. INTL 370: Emerging Markets in Asia
ECON 370 Women in Labor Markets
BUSN 309 International Business
BUSN 401 International Political Economy
BUSN 409 International Marketing
BUSN 419 International Finance

Department of Communication

COMM 351 Intercultural Communication

Department of History

HIST 330 Colonialism in Africa and Asia
HIST 333 Modern Asia
HIST 364 Islam and Politics: From Democracy to Theocracy to Islamism
HIST 463 Crossing International Borders: World Migration 1800 to present
HIST 466 International Terrorism

Department of Sociology

SOC 202 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
SOC 302 Race and Ethnicity
SOC 304 Globalization and Inequality
SOC 305 Urban Sociology
SOC 315 Women and Violence 
SOC 345 New York City Ethnic Communities

Integrated Courses

INTG 325 A Nation of Immigrants
INTG 328 Global Challenges
INTG 391 Special Topics in Integrated Studies

Program Coordinators

David Aliano, Ph.D.
Department of Modern Languages and Literatures
Phone: (718) 405-3494

Rosita E. Villagómez
Department of Modern Languages and Literatures
Phone: (718) 405-3787