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Program Costs, Personal Expenses, and Payment Plans
Program Costs  
The average cost of a program in the College is $500 per year. This includes required texts, manuals and supplies. Lab and studio fees are additional charges.

For Nursing Program Only: The sophomore, junior, and senior years of the nursing major are estimated to be approximately $2,000 per year to cover the cost of program fee, textbooks, manuals, lab coats and other clinical attire, special equipment such as stethoscopes, transportation to and from clinical facilities, and yearly physical examination, screening, and immunizations.

Nursing majors are required to carry Nursing Liability Insurance. Sophomore, junior, and senior students are required to carry private health insurance. Transportation to clinical facilities sites for experiential learning is the responsibility of the individual student. Placements are based on site availability.

Personal Expenses
A survey conducted among Mount Saint Vincent students indicates that the average amount spent on clothing, personal grooming products, recreation, etc. is $1,000 per year. The range from $850 to $2,200 reflects the widely varied modes of living.  

Payment Plans
We offer a 10-month payment plan to make budgeting for college manageable.

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