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Mission Statement
Graduate study at the College of Mount Saint Vincent complements and enhances the undergraduate programs, and serves the general community. In addition, each graduate program builds on a liberal arts foundation and is consistent with the mission of the College.

The College offers graduate programs designed to provide students the opportunity for academic excellence and professional leadership. As a community of scholars, the College provides a stimulating environment that fosters intellectual curiosity and a free exchange of ideas. Our programs reflect a commitment to service. Students are encouraged to continue the development of critical thinking and to acquire an advanced body of knowledge and skills in their respective disciplines.

The College’s graduate programs are offered through the School of Professional and Graduate Studies, an integral but separate unit of the College. Graduate programs are supervised by the Dean of the School of Professional and Graduate Studies, the Provost and each program’s Department Chair/Director. While a Director is in charge of each program’s curriculum and policies and assists students in planning their academic programs, the Dean of Professional and Graduate Studies is ultimately responsible for all decisions concerning the Graduate program(s) and is, in turn, accountable to the Provost, who is the chief academic administrator of the College.

The College’s Faculty Senate approves policies governing all graduate programs. The Faculty Senate recommends new programs, courses, and policies to the Provost. These are then approved by the President and, in the case of new programs, the Board of Trustees.