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About Counseling
You are not alone; the Counseling Center is here. We care and understand. 
The Counseling Center offers support, connection, and assistance to students experiencing emotional, environmental or situational difficulties. Concerns may be social, academic, athletic or psychological.

Benefits of counseling are usually not immediate, but on-going. Counseling is a process that helps individuals explore personal issues or struggles through discussion with trained professionals.

The services of the Counseling Center are confidential and private. Neither the identity of the students using the service, nor any disclosures made by students are shared without written consent. Except in cases involving clear and imminent danger to the student, him/herself or others.

Treatment Services
Short-term (10-12 Sessions)
Individual Sessions
Group & Couples
Crisis Intervention
Outside Referrals
All Services are Free
Stress or Pressure
Sadness or Depression
Anger or Irritability
Sleep/Appetite Changes
Depression or Anxiety
Body Image or Appearance
Sexual Assault
Alcohol & Substance Use
Hate or Street Crime