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Responding and Reporting
There are three 24-hour emergency call boxes, which can be used to contact and speak with Security personnel immediately. A security supervisor will respond at once to your location. These boxes are located in the Villa Lot (on the West side), the rear of the Science Building, and at the 261st entrance to Marillac Lot.

To save time and possibly save lives, students should contact security immediately if police, fire department, EMS, or other emergency departments are needed on campus. The Security staff will then assist in this process by making the call and directing the responding units to the appropriate campus location.

If you must call 911 directly, make sure to give the proper address. In the New York City computer emergency system, the College’s address is 6301 Riverdale Avenue, Bronx, College of Mount Saint Vincent. The cross street is West 263rd Street and Riverdale Avenue. Notify Security as soon as you have made your call to 911.

In addition to reporting a crime, students should notify Security if they are merely suspicious that criminal activity has taken place and/or if they have observed a suspicious act, person or vehicle on campus or in the immediate area.

When contacting Security, students should attempt to provide a complete and accurate description of the relevant individuals or vehicles, and the specific location of the incident. If students leave their name and number, every attempt will be made to inform them of outcome. Calls of this nature will be given the highest possible priority.

Any problem that occurs when notifying security or in response to a call should be brought to the Director of Safety and Security’s attention as soon as possible. Calls of this nature will be given the highest priority. Any problem that occurs when notifying security or in response to a call should be brought to the Director of Safety and Security’s attention as soon as possible.

The federal “Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act” mandates that statistics on campus crime be compiled and made available to students and other interested parties. Prompt reporting of criminal activity allows for correct and up to date reporting to the entire community, as well as the instituting of preventative measures.
The Safety and Security Department does not automatically know information reported to the city police, hence a separate notification is important. While the security staff will gladly assist in reporting alleged incidents to the police, they cannot always do so without the student’s authorization.

Criminal Activity
In the event that they are the subject of or witness to a criminal incident on campus or in the immediate area of the College, members of the College community must report the crime immediately to the College Security staff or the municipal police agencies that are responsible for our area. This can be accomplished by calling one of the phone numbers listed below or by calling 911 directly. 

The Security Department obtains, from the relevant police department, a complete and accurate account of the crime and provides that information to the administration as quickly as possible. Depending on the severity of the incident, the administration may hold meetings to clarify the report to the College community. .

When appropriate, meetings with the Security Director, administrators, staff and students provide up-to-date information regarding the direction and scope of the police investigations.

Any criminal activity on campus can also be reported to the following:

263rd Street Security Booth: 24 hours (718) 405-3434 or (718) 548-2116
Director of Campus Safety and Security: (718) 548-4291
Vice President for Student Affairs: (718) 405-3227
Associate Dean of Students/Director of Residence Housing and Residence Life: (718) 405-3234

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Harassing Calls
Anyone receiving harassing phone calls should hang up immediately without engaging in conversation or displaying any emotion to the caller. Repeated calls should be reported to the Director of Safety and Security.

College of Mount Saint Vincent’s SAFE - (Student Aid for Emergencies)
In the event of an emergency (for example, a family crisis requiring immediate travel), and subject to availability of funds, students may obtain an emergency loan through the Office of Student Affairs. In certain extraordinary circumstances, the assistance takes the form of grants.