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Program Outcomes

1. To provide a solid education in organizational management, grounded on fundamental skills in business, in order to prepare students for leadership positions in a variety of complex organizations whose mission is focused on community service, education, health care, not-for-profit work, or human resource management.

2. To provide management training for professionals in careers in the service sector, especially in the fields of education, health, community service agencies and organizations, charities, religious organizations, and human services.

3. To provide an opportunity for advanced training in managerial skill and leadership development to those graduates of the College of Mount Saint Vincent’s undergraduate business programs who have used their Bachelor’s in Business Administration degree to enter careers in management within fields closely associated with the College’s history, traditions, and mission.

4. To respond to the need for professionally trained managers with a solid understanding of business and its related processes in organizations not traditionally considered “businesses” but whose success, growth, and future security depend to an ever increasing degree on leaders with sharp business acumen.\