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Theatre Minor

Theatre Minor Program Administration Acting/Directing Track Playwriting/Scriptwriting Track

The College of Mount Saint Vincent's Theatre Minor combines theatre-related course offerings across a number of academic departments and adds to them with the introduction of a focused theatre training program with emphases in acting/directing and playwriting/scriptwriting.

The Theatre minor offers a structured experience in one of two theatre concentrations: acting/directing or playwriting/scriptwriting. All students are required to take 18 credits to complete the minor, which includes an introductory course in acting (THTR 100, 3 credits), 3 credits in an introductory course in drama/performance studies (THTR 110 or THTR 120), 9 credits in their area of concentration/track and 3 credits in a final performance lab.

The acting/directing track of the minor program has been developed to introduce students to acting in a more concentrated and comprehensive manner. By collaboratively focusing the expectations of some of our current introductory courses in the program (i.e., THTR 100, THTR 110, THTR 120 and THTR 200) and requiring a capstone type course to culminate the program (THTR 350), the academic component of the Theatre minor reflects contemporary acting techniques, performance styles and industry expectations and would provide a strong foundation for students as they pursue future opportunities in theatre, performance writing and/or related pursuits. While the acting/directing track introduces students to a diversity of approaches to acting, students will gain an in-depth understanding of objective-based acting. Also, built into the minor program are numerous opportunities for student performances and for students to form a working company in THTR 350

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