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John Patrick Shanley Delivers Commencement Address
The College of Mount Saint Vincent held Commencement on May 16 for the graduating class of 2009. John Patrick Shanley, author of the Pulitzer Prize winning play Doubt, delivered an uproarious Commencement Address which left graduates, families, faculty and administrators laughing until they cried. In addition, the College conferred upon Mr. Shanley the honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters.

Said Mr. Shanley, “My hair’s gone grey from struggle, pain and strife. I have drunk too much whiskey, written some rotten plays, and gotten married too many times. And what have I achieved as a result? What progress have I made? At the end of it all, here I am, brothers and sisters, back in the Bronx. That’s the secret of life. No progress whatsoever! I started in the Bronx and I’ll end up in the Bronx.”  Read the full text of Mr. Shanley’s speech: