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Faculty News
David Aliano (Assistant Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures) became the associate editor for the Ethnic Studies Review and was appointed to the National Association for Ethnic Studies this past fall. Dr. Aliano also gave two conference presentations: “Re-Imagining the Nation: Italian National Narratives Abroad (1922- 1945)” at New Directions in Italian and Italian American History: A Conference in Honor of Philip V. Cannistraro in New York, N.Y., and  “The Challenges and Rewards to Teaching in a Study Abroad Program,” at the XXXIII Alpha Mu Gamma National Convention in Los Angeles, Calif. In April, he presented the paper, “Transnational Migration Then and Now: Italian and Central American Experiences Compared,” at the National Association for Ethnic Studies Annual Conference in New Orleans, La.

Cathryn McCarthy Donahue (Associate Professor of English) presented a paper entitled “Mistrawthe: Subverting the Natural Order” in the Pearl Poet's Cleanness at the 36th International Patristic, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies Conference at Villanova University in October.

Tania Friedel (Assistant Professor of English) presented the paper, “Refuge and Refuse: The Street, the Cabaret, and the Theatre in Rudolph Fisher’s Harlem Stories,” at the 8th Annual Interdisciplinary Conference: Modernist Manhattan in March. She also presented the paper, “The Poetics of the Penitentiary: Reformation and Resistance in Prison Literature,” at the AHA conference at the University of Louisville, in March.

Robert Jacklosky (Chairperson and Professor of English) published a short story, “Barbicide,” in Construction magazine.

     Raj Kempaiah

Rajkumar Kempaiah
Assistant Professor of
Business and Economics

Rajkumar Kempaiah (Assistant Professor of Business and Economics) presented the article, “Global Analysis and Benchmarking Strategic Alignment Maturity in IT Service Industry,” at the South Dakota International Business Conference this past fall.

Seonhee Cho (AssistantProfessor of Teacher Education) published a review of the book, “Academic Writing in a Global Context,” in Critical inquiry in Language Studies. She also presented the paper, “Secondary Content-area Teachers’ Perceptions of Fairness Regarding Assessing English Language Learners,” at the SETESOL conference, Richmond, Va.

Cynthia Meyers (Associate Professor of Communication) published the article, “The Problems with Sponsorship in Broadcasting, 1930s-1950s: Perspectives fromthe Advertising Industry,” in the Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television this past September. She was a faculty fellow at the International Radio and Television Society in November 2011. Dr. Meyers also presented two competitive conference papers in March: “Resist the Usual: Young & Rubicam’s Soft Sell Strategies in Radio Comedy Programming,” at the Society of Cinema and Media Studies Conference in Boston, Mass., and “Changing Industry Views of Audience Toleration of Commercials: Hulu vs. Netflix,” at “What Is Television? A Conference to Explore the Past, Present, and Future of Television,” in Portland, Ore.

     Michelle Scollo

Michelle Scollo
Assistant Professor of Communication

Michelle Scollo (Assistant Professor of Communication) presented “Elaborations on Nonverbal Ways of Communicating with Nature,” as part of a panel entitled “Finding the Voices of Nature: Listening Beyond Words,” at the National Communication Association’s 97th Annual Convention in November in New Orleans, La.

     Joseph M. Skelly

Joseph M. Skelly
Chair and Professor of History

Joseph M. Skelly (Chair and Professor of History) recently wrote the peer-reviewed article “Muslim-West Relations: The Importance of Moderate Muslims,” for ABC-CLIO’s research database World at War: Understanding Conflict and Society. He published a review of the book My Brother, My Enemy: America and the Battle of Ideas across the Islamic World (Amherst: Prometheus Books, 2010) in Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs. In 2011, he was named to the Irish Voice’s “Irish Education 100,” which recognizes the top 100 Irish Americans in higher education in North America.