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Security Report
The 2014 Annual Security Report, issued in compliance with the Campus Security Act of 1990, is available to every student and employee of the College. It is also available to prospective employees or students upon request. It spells out policies and procedures which address the security needs of our community and includes a record of the F.B.I. index of leading crimes that have occurred on campus and the adjacent public streets to the campus. 

Reporting Crimes Reporting Crimes
How to Report Crimes
Emergencies Emergency and Evacuation Procedures
Notifications, Evacuation, and Shelter in Place
Emergency Response Plan Access Policy
Learn more about the College's Access Policy 
Enforcement Policy Enforcement Policy
Learn about the Enforcement
Security Report Crime Prevention Efforts
Help Prevent Crimes 
Annual Crime Statistics
Alcohol and Drugs Alcohol and Drugs Policies 
Alcohol and Drugs
Sexual Assault Policy 
Read the Sexual Assault Policy

Fire Safety Policy
Read about Fire Safety

Further Information
Requests for further information should be directed to the Director of Campus Safety and Security, whose office maintains a log of all crimes on campus that have been reported to the Security Department and all crimes in the adjacent streets that have been reported to the Police Department.

This report has been prepared as per the requirements of the Campus Security Act, and is not intended to serve as a complete description of the Security Department’s services, policies or safeguards. For a more complete description, consult the College of Mount Saint Vincent Student Handbook.

The College Committee on Campus and Student Life serves as the Advisory Committee on Campus Safety. Upon request the Committee will provide all campus crime statistics as reported to the United States Department of Education. Campus crime statistics are published on the United States Department of Education website and may also be obtained by contacting the Director of Campus Safety and Security at (718) 405-3722 or the Main Security Booth at (718) 405-3434.