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Thanks & Appreciation
Students smiling with fall trees in the background
Chris Hughes ‘06
"Let me first start by expressing the deepest thanks to you for your contributions to the College of Mount Saint Vincent. It is with your gracious help that students like me are given the chance to continue our education." More...
Scholarships & Aid

At the Mount, deserving students depend on financial assistance. For Divine Tabios, Class of 2004, a merit scholarship from the College of Mount Saint Vincent made the difference between attending the Mount and attending a community college. And the Mount education she received—including a terrific journalism internship—has made the difference between a great first job at a local newspaper and a tough postcollege job search.

This is not unusual; at the Mount, nearly 90 percent of students receive some kind of financial assistance. While this support includes federal and state financial aid, a large portion of student aid comes in the form of merit- and need-based scholarships provided by the College. In fact, nearly 85 percent of the Mount’s undergraduate students receive this type of financial aid.

This is a continuing—and growing—need for the College. New endowed scholarships will give the Mount secure programs funded in perpetuity. Other, smaller gifts will enable the Mount to meet its annual obligation to students year after year. And together, these forms of support will help attract the kind of talented students who will benefit most from the Mount’s extraordinary education.

Interested? Please contact:
Madeleine Melkonian, Vice President for Institutional Advancement and College Relations