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College of Mount Saint Vincent Announces Fishlinger Center for Public Policy Research    

Fishlinger Center Meeting 2015
2/25/2015 - To further its commitment to the intellectual, ethical, and personal development of its students, faculty, and the public at large, the College of Mount Saint Vincent has announced the creation of the Fishlinger Center for Public Policy Research. The development of the center, which is slated to open in late summer, opens new vistas for illuminating public opinion on social issues and engaging in research to encourage meaningful dialog and constructive action.

3/25/2015 -
Seven students from the College of Mount Saint Vincent will present their scholarly works at the 43rd annual conference of the National Association for Ethnic Studies (NAES)—the nation’s oldest and preeminent ethnic studies organization—held March 26-28 at Mississippi State University.
3/24/2015 -
Almost three years ago, the College of Mount Saint Vincent partnered with a dance company and a performing arts company. The two arts-in-residence organizations, through their arrangement with the College, provide an outlet for students to gain hands-on performance experiences outside the classroom. To make these experiences even more valuable, both groups offer through semester-long internships.
Only 150 Out of 1,000 Abstracts Are Presented—Even Fewer by Undergraduates
3/17/2015 -
Five College of Mount Saint Vincent biology majors who have spent the past year conducting scientific research on fruit flies presented their findings at the 56th Annual Drosophila Research Conference—an accomplishment for any academic scientist, but all the more notable because the students are undergraduates. The conference, which is sponsored by the Genetics Society of America, was held March 4-8 at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers. Founders Hall