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Ad Laudem Dei

The Ad Laudem Dei award recognizes alumnae/i of achievement and is presented to individuals whose business or professional lives are of national significance and illustrate that service is not only an activity, but also an approach to the responsibilities of the work.  

Awards are presented for extraordinary achievement in one of three areas:

  • Economics, Business, and Government
  • Medicine and Science
  • Arts, Humanities, Religion, and Education

The 2014 Ad Laudem Dei ceremony will be held on October 18, 2014. This year, two alumnae will be honored at the ceremony: 

  • Elizabeth R. Brown, M.D., Class of  1968
  • Catherine McDermott, Class of 1961

Previous Ad Laudem Dei recipients include:

  • Mary Frances Barrett, Class of 1970—for her contribution to managed care, respite care, and bariatrics.
  • Kathleen Butler, Class of 1974—for her leadership at IBM, which included the launch of "One IBM," a unified system to provide better service for customers and business partners.  
  • Sylvia Christakos, Ph.D., Class of 1967—for her research proving the relationships between Vitamin D and its receptor on the expression of genes responsible for calcium balance, autoimmune inflammation, and bone disorders.  
  • Eileen Daly Chusid, Ph.D., Class of 1962—for her pioneering research on HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases.
  • Virginia LiVolsi, M.D., Class of 1965—for her work in the field of pathology, particularly thyroid and cervical cancer.
  • Mary C. Segers, Ph.D., Class of 1961—for excellence in teaching and distinguished scholarship in political science.  
  • Gail Vance Civille, Class of 1965—for her invaluable leadership, as a scientist, business woman, educator and author, in the field of sensory evaluation.  
  • Judge Judith Hard, Class of 1979—for distinguished service to the citizens of the State of New York and achievement in the study and practice of law. hin
  • Rosemary Fath Steel, Class of 1950—for building her family's business, KA Steel Chemical, Inc., into the largest distributor of water purification chemicals in the Midwest.
  • Chinyee Ho Sung, Class of 1951—for her internationally recognized artistic works, honored by UNICEF and by the U.S. Department of State.
  • Mary Wat Trucksess, Ph.D., Class of 1961—for distinguished work in her field of science, namely mycotoxin analysis.
  • Thomas P. Doyle, Esq., Class of 1982—for his dedicated service to law enforcement and government agencies.
  • Zenobia V. Fox, Ph.D., Class of 1961—for her invaluable work in religious studies.
  • Elizabeth Jane Rock, Ph.D., Class of 1946 —for her dedication to science and education.  
  • Matthew Arduino, D.P.H., Class of 1979—for his distinguished scholarship and expertise in microbiology and epidemiology.  
  • Joan M. Squires, Class of 1973—for her dedicated work in the insurance industry and her selfless volunteerism.
  • Joan E. Donovan, Class of 1948—for her shrewd and ceaseless work in financial management.
  • Margaret A. Dames, Ed.D., Class of 1965—for her committment to educational excellence and the Catholic faith.
  • Julianne L. Imperato-McGinley, M.D., Class of 1961—for her successful contributions in the field of Endocrinology.
  • Honorable Miriam Naveira de Rodon, Class of 1956—for her dedicated service in the discipline of Law.
  • Sophia Yan Liu, Ph.D., Class of 1969—for her successful career as a scientist, yielding multiple patents and contributing to the development of safer plastics
  • Nancy Harding, Ph.D., Class of 1969—for her distinguished career in biochemistry, including four patents that help to make everyday products safer and more sustainable.