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Degree Requirements
A student considering a major in one of the Natural Sciences must consult the Director of the Division of Natural Sciences as soon as possible and be assigned an academic advisor in the major. The General Biology sequence (BIOL 111-112) is the portal to the biology major, and the General Chemistry sequence (CHEM 120-121) is the portal to the biochemistry and chemistry majors. As such, a student must begin the sequence within two semesters of declaring one of those majors. The introductory course sequences (BIOL 111-112 and CHEM 120-121) are pre-requisites for all 200, 300, and 400-level science courses toward the biochemistry, biology, or chemistry major.

A minimum grade of C is required in all biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics courses taken toward the science majors. Hyphenated courses (e.g., CHEM 120-121) are to be taken in sequence, and a minimum grade of C in the first course is required to continue on to the second course in the sequence regardless of the student’s major. Science majors who take a science or mathematics course at another college must have earned at least a B in the course to transfer credits toward the major.

Biochemistry and chemistry majors may apply a total of 7 credits toward the major from any combination of these courses: Chemical Research, Independent Study in Chemistry, and Internship in Chemistry. Biology majors may apply a total of 7 credits toward the major from a combination of the following courses: Research in Biology, Independent Study in Biology, and Internship in Biology.

Biology, biochemistry and chemistry majors may apply one NSCI course toward the major only if the course content does not substantially duplicate that of another course which is a major requirement.