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College of Mount Saint Vincent to Host Shelter In Place Drill May 1, 2013
Message for the College of Mount Saint Vincent Community
4/18/2013 - Riverdale, N.Y. —On Wednesday, May 1, 2013 at 10:00 a.m., the College of Mount Saint Vincent's Office of Security and Safety will organize a mandatory campus-wide Shelter In Place drill; it will last approximately 30 minutes. A Send Word Now message will be sent to the College community to announce the inception of the drill. It will be followed by 3 wailing sounds from a siren located on campus.
During the drill, everyone on campus must:
  • Stop class, work, and business.
  • Stay within the room you are in and lock the doors and windows.
  • Close the window blinds and turn off the lights.
  • If you are outdoors, go indoors.
  • Remain quiet and switch cell phones to silent mode.
  • Stay away from windows.
  • Follow the directions of Security and members of the fire brigade, who will be identified by red hats.

An additional Send Word Now will be sent to indicate the end of the drill.

Going forward, the drill will be conducted once each semester. The Office of Campus Security and Safety thanks you for your cooperation. 

For more information about the College of Mount Saint Vincent's Shelter In Place drill, please contact the Office of Campus Security and Safety at (718) 405-3722. 

About the College of Mount Saint Vincent
The College of Mount Saint Vincent is an academically excellent, authentically inclusive, Catholic and ecumenical liberal arts college. It combines a strong core curriculum with a full array of majors in the liberal arts and selected professional fields of study, including accounting, business administration, education, and nursing. Through its School of Professional and Continuing Studies, the College extends its primary undergraduate mission by offering high quality graduate studies in business, education and nursing and an array of undergraduate and certificate programs serving non-traditional students. Mount Saint Vincent is located on a pastoral campus in New York City, with easy access to all the educational, cultural, and recreational opportunities that the City affords.

Media Contact:
Belle Hann
Director for College Relations
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