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Christine Westphal '12
Christine Westphal      English (major), Communication and Writing (minor)
Warwick Valley High School,
Warwick, NY 

Christine Westphal loves going to college in New York City.

“There are so many benefits to going to school here. Our campus is in the perfect spot – it’s near the City, but in its own little niche a few miles away from all the noise and traffic of downtown. It costs me less than $5 to travel into the heart of Manhattan, so it’s convenient, the shopping is great, and there are endless fun things to do. Plus, there are so many job opportunities for internships and full-time positions after graduation.”

Thanks to alumna Jennifer Blatus, Christine currently has an internship in the office of Ruben Diaz, Jr., the Bronx Borough President, where she assists the communications director.

“I am grateful to Jen for helping me to secure my job interview with the Borough President’s office. She helped me more than I can ever say. The job is great because I work in the PR department and I’m learning what media relations is all about. My story is the perfect example of what it’s like at the Mount – students are always helping each other and there’s a great support network here. I really look up to Jennifer and hope that this time next year I will be in a similar position. She’s so successful at such a young age.”

Looking ahead, Christine dreams of a career in politics or law – or possibly both – and is appreciative of her professors for helping her shape those future plans.

“Eventually, if all goes well, I would like to become a prosecution attorney. I don’t plan to attend law school right away. I’d like to take a communications position for a government agency or law firm first to be sure it’s what I want to do. Faculty members have really helped me to identify my strengths, and have shown me how I can to apply them to a career that will make me happy. They have also helped me learn how to set goals and how to go about accomplishing them in an effective way. That’s the best education any student can get.”