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Sasha Paulino '11
Sasha Paulino      B.A. in History and M.S. in Urban and Multicultural Education
Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music
& Art and Performing Arts
New York, NY

As a 2011 graduate of the College of Mount Saint Vincent’s accelerated master’s degree program, Sasha Paulino earned both a Bachelor of Arts in History and a Master of Science in Urban and Multicultural Education. She also completed a Certification Program for Dual Elementary and Special Education – all within five years.

“I applied to many different schools, but chose the Mount because they offered me a generous financial aid package, the school was close to home, and because of its strong academic reputation. Later I appreciated the school for its beautiful campus and for the faculty that is focused on helping students achieve success. Looking back now on all the amazing opportunities I was given there, it was the best decision I could have made.”

As a freshman, Sasha realized she had no idea what major she wanted to declare or what she might later want to do as a career.

Sasha’s sociology professor Dr. Alfred D’Anca encouraged her to apply for the Jeannette K. Watson Fellowship, a program that provides internships, mentoring, and enriching educational opportunities to promising New York City undergraduates, with the goal of increasing their life choices and developing their capacity to make a difference in their own and others’ lives.

“The fellowship allowed me to complete different summer internships every year, at places like the New York Historical Society, the Department of Cultural Affairs, and teaching English in the Dominican Republic through the American Language Partnership International (ALPI).”

Sasha thanks the supportive faculty members at the Mount for giving her steady guidance and making her aware of the opportunities beyond the classroom. Today, Sasha is thriving as a first grade teacher at Saints Peter and Paul elementary school in Bronx, NY, and living her dream.

“It was Sister Margaret Egan who told me about the open position at the school, but it was challenging because the job started in March and I wasn’t graduating from the master’s program until May. I’ll say working full time and going to school full time is certainly not for the faint of heart, but I had a lot of support from the faculty in the Education Department. They knew how hard it would be for me, but they were really supportive and helped me through it.”