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Study Abroad Application Process

Study abroad is normally limited to juniors and first semester seniors. Students should consult the chairperson of their major department for specific requirements. To be eligible for study abroad, an index of 2.8 and the approval of the department chairperson and Dean Edward Meyer are required.

The process begins with Dean Edward Meyer. The student presents the reasons for going abroad, since these reasons will influence the choice of country and courses to be taken. Consideration is given to major and foreign language ability, when applicable. A major focus is the opportunity to learn about the people, society, and culture of another country.

Students review programs, courses, cost, and requirements with Dean Edward Meyer, the chairperson of the major department, and the Academic Advisor.

Financial Aid for Study Abroad Programs
Enrollment in a program of study that is approved for credit by the College may be considered enrollment in the College for purposes of a student applying for federal student financial assistance.

Transfer Credits
Transferable courses will be those courses that are comparable to the College of Mount Saint Vincent courses, as well as courses relating to the culture and society of other peoples, e.g. Art of Rome, or Societal Issues in England. Students are expected to be full-time students in their studies abroad.

Completed transfer credit contracts are filed with the Registrar, Chairperson, Academic Advisor, and Dean Edward Meyer. Usually 12-15 credits per semester can be transferred.

Edward Meyer
Dean of School of Professional and Graduate Studies
Phone: (718) 405-3373