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CIW - Web Foundation Series

CIW Logo The College of Mount Saint Vincent's School of Professional and Graduate Studies offers its students the opportunity to take CIW Web Foundation Series courses. The series consists of three foundational courses and corresponding certification exams that teach and validate more than mere digital literacy skills. The courses and certifications are ideal for all students and professionals who use the Internet on the job.

The CIW Web Foundations courses prepare candidates to take the CIW Web Foundations exam, which, if passed, earns the individual the CIW Web Foundations Associate certification.

The Program 
CIW Internet Business Associate
This course will prepare you to work effectively in today's business environment. In this course, you will learn about the tasks involved in various Web Technology job roles, and you will learn the skills and technologies to perform them. The career opportunities that demand these common Web-based skills are endless. Read full description

CIW Site Development Associate
The course teaches students essential Web page development skills and ways to work as a productive part of a Web site development team. If you want the knowledge and skills to design or improve Web sites, this course is for you. Read full description

CIW Network Technology Associate
The course prepares students for job readiness in many business and technology-related careers. Understanding the fundamentals of networking, Internet protocols and network security is important for all professionals who use the Internet. This certification proves your mastery of the basics of networking and prepares you for further study in the specialty of your choosing. Read full description

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Course Fee
The course fee is $495.00. Read more about our tuition refund policy.

For more information, please contact SPGS at (718) 405-3322.