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Dr. Tracy Prout
Tracy Prout      Assistant Professor of Psychology

Dr. Tracy Prout is trained as a clinical psychologist. She has worked in hospital settings, private practice and college counseling as a practicing clinician.

“When I got my Ph.D. in clinical psychology, I always imagined I would work exclusively in a clinical setting, but when I heard about the position at the Mount, I was intrigued. What initially drew me was the school’s holistic approach in caring for students, and when I first visited the school’s campus, I can honestly say it took my breath away. It’s just this incredible oasis in an urban landscape with beautiful views of the Hudson River. Once I was at the Mount with the students, I knew that teaching was what I wanted to do and this was where I wanted to be.”

Appreciation for diversity is something the Mount takes very seriously. “We really want to challenge students to branch out from whatever background they grew up in and to learn from their surroundings here.”

One of the Mount’s greatest attributes is its close proximity to Manhattan. “Going to college in New York City presents such an incredible opportunity for students to connect to the global world,” she says. “Plus there are endless possibilities that we as faculty pursue to teach students in other ways. We often take students into the city to different cultural institutions to enhance the classroom experience. It has an amazing effect on their ability to understand the material we teach in the classroom.”

Dr. Prout believes exposing students to real life situations is an excellent way to enhance the educational experience. “My Abnormal Psych students have gotten involved with a NYC peer-to-peer clubhouse, which is a place where people with mental illness can go to work together towards recovery. Last year, I took a class of students into the city to a one-woman show about bipolar disorder, and it was phenomenal to be able to talk about it afterwards with them. Students grow in empathy from the experience of having seen mental illness in a personal way.”

Not only does Dr. Prout enjoy teaching courses in clinical psychology, but she engages students in the research process as well, hopeful that they will come away with a fuller understanding of the field.

“I have 140 students and I know all of them by name,” she says. “I’m very committed to helping my students realize their dreams and shape their future. Like so many other faculty members here, my office is never empty.”