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All Dreams Welcome: Profiles
The College of Mount Saint Vincent is a place where dreams are nurtured and realized. Where students grow through their experiences in the classroom, on the athletic field, and through co-curricular activities. Where people from diverse backgrounds come together to learn from one another. Where there is a dynamic campus and community life. Where faculty know students by name and take a genuine interest in their academic and personal development.

Let us introduce you to some of the people who call the College of Mount Saint Vincent home.

Rema Sayed     Rema Sayed '14, Biology
“The Mount has given me the connections I need. My advisor is always there for me, helping me to focus on my goals and realize my dream of being a doctor.”

Joseph Saldoriga Joseph Saldoriga '13, Business Administration
“My professors have made me realize what I am capable of and have helped me to establish who I am and what I want to do with my life.”

Sarah Colletti Sarah Colletti '13, Nursing
“I chose the College of Mount Saint Vincent because I really liked the feeling I got when I visited the campus. It’s like one giant family. The friends you make here are the best friends you’re ever going to have.”

Katherine Then Katherine Then '13, Psychology
“At the College of Mount Saint Vincent, the staff and professors are so great...They teach you how to go on interviews, they help you to get great internships, they teach you about life.”

Anthony Langone Anthony Langone '13, Sociology, Criminology and Criminal Justice
“I am the only intern who isn’t pre-law – and the only undergraduate intern at the Bronx D.A.’s office...It’s such interesting work, and I never would have had this experience if I weren’t a student at the College of Mount Saint Vincent.”

Andrew Giordano Andrew Giordano '12, Communication
“[At the College of Mount Saint Vincent] I have gotten the best education and gained the quality hands-on experience necessary to do well.”

Veronica Vay '12 Veronica Vay '12, Psychology
“Because the Mount is such a small school and so close to New York City, I am afforded better-quality opportunities that I wouldn’t have gotten at a larger college.”

Christine Westphal '12 Christine Westphal '12, English and Communication & Writing
“Faculty members have really helped me to identify my strengths, and have shown me how I can to apply them to a career that will make me happy. They have also helped me learn how to set goals and how to go about accomplishing them in an effective way. That’s the best education any student can get.”

Jennifer Blatus '12 Jennifer Blatus '11, History and Communication
“I learned so much from Dr. Skelly, from managing and writing for the Mount Times and my internship at the Riverdale Review. I worked four days a week and was able to build a diverse portfolio that was useful to me as I pursued other professional opportunities.”

Sasha Paulino '11 Sasha Paulino '11, History and M.S. in Urban and Multicultural Education
“I’ll say working full time and going to school full time is certainly not for the faint of heart, but I had a lot of support from the faculty in the Education Department. They knew how hard it would be for me, but they were really supportive and helped me through it.”

Dr. Joseph Skelly Dr. Joseph Skelly, History
“I’ve arranged internships at an array of professional organizations. Our students have worked in the offices of U.S. Congressmen and State Senators, law firms, legal aid societies, local businesses, and the American Red Cross Society...I make it a priority to liaise with the professional community in and around New York City on their behalf.”