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Acting/Directing Track

Sample Academic Program – 18 Credits

Year One, Fall Semester (THTR 100 and THTR 110 or THTR 120 are recommended co-requisites)
THTR 100—cross-listed with COMM 240 (Acting 1)  
THTR 110—cross-listed with ENGL 314 (Drama) or  
THTR 120—cross-listed with ENGL 328 (Plays in Performance)  
(Note: The two English courses would alternate on the schedule each fall semester)

Year One, Spring Semester
THTR 200—cross-listed with COMM 341 (Acting II/Directing)

Students will be encouraged to do one or more of the following:
1. Study at an off-site theatre school in NYC
2. Complete an internship in theatre
3. Perform in summer stock theatre offerings
4. Participate in a summer intensive offered at the Mount (TBD)

These summer offerings would be non-credit bearing unless a way of earning credit could be negotiated between the program coordinator and an academic department that may be able to offer internship and/or independent study credit. These internship or independent study credits would be cross-listed with THTR 300—Practicum in Theatre/Performance Writing. 

During the completion of the minor (Acting/Directing Track), students are required to take 6 elective credits from the following list (or other pre-approved courses):

ENGL 303 Shakespeare  
ENGL 314 Drama (also THTR 110)
ENGL 328 Plays in Performance (also THTR 120)
FREN 455 French Theatre of the 20th Century
SPAN 436 Modern Spanish Theatre
ENGL 319 The Age of Satire
COMM 342 Speech for Radio and TV
ART 117 Foundations of Design
ART 427 Topics in Studio
ART 436 Selected Topics Course
ART 104 Chorus (1 credit)
ART 109 Jazz Dance I (1 credit)
ART 111 Dance and Movement (1 credit)

Note: As they are offered, these courses (except for ENGL 314 and ENGL 328) would be cross-listed with TOPICS in THEATRE (e.g., THTR 310 and/or THTR 320).

Year Two, Spring Semester
THTR 350—cross-listed with COMM 412 (Acting III/Performance Lab)

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