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Theatre Minor Program Administration
1. The College of Mount Saint Vincent's Theatre Minor is organized and contracted between the Theatre Program Coordinator, the interested student, and either the department chairs of Communication or English. Students contracting an area of concentration in acting/directing need the authorization of the Department of Communication Chairperson. For playwriting/scriptwriting, students need the authorization of the Department of English Chairperson.

2. Students who previously took courses required to complete the minor can receive credit toward their certification of minor completion, if they earned a passing grade in the course. It is the responsibility of the Theatre Program Coordinator to work with students on an individual advising basis to retrospectively apply previously taken courses toward the Theatre minor.

3. While there will be a number of courses open to any student attending the College of Mount Saint Vincent (e.g., THTR 100, THTR 110 and THTR 120), students wishing to complete the minor and enroll in THTR 350 (by permission only) are required to complete an application of intent to complete the theatre minor. The application will be reviewed by the coordinator of the theatre program and a decision of whether or not to accept the student into THTR 350 and the minor program would be based on the quality of his/her application materials and faculty recommendations. Outside of the variation on THTR 350, all courses listed as part of the Theatre minor would be governed by whatever prerequisites required for the course (e.g., THTR 100 for THTR 200) and would be open to all Mount students who successfully completed the prerequisite requirement.

4. Upon acceptance, students complete the contract for their specific area of concentration and attain all necessary authorizations. All students must complete the theatre minor contract prior to enrolling in THTR 350. Once the contract is signed and submitted to the Director of the Center for Academic Advisement, any changes to the contract would need to be re-negotiated between all parties (i.e., program coordinator, respective deptartment chair and the student).

5. Upon submission of the contract to the Director of Academic Advisement, the contract will be filed by the Registrar. Additionally, the student, the academic advisor, the program coordinator, and the chair of the involved academic department will receive copies of the contract.  

6. If a student is not granted permission to enroll in THTR 350, he or she can re-apply and will be encouraged to meet with the program coordinator to discuss how to improve his or her application materials.