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Seonhee Cho
Seonhee Cho Associate Professor of Teacher Education
Ph. D., University of Tennessee, Knoxville
M. Ed., Korea National University of Education, South Korea
B.A., Chungnam National University, South Korea

Areas of Interest  
  • ESL teacher education
  • English language learners
  • International students' academic socialization

Courses Taught
  • EDUC 504: Cross-cultural Communication
  • EDUC 506: Language, Cognitive Development, and Cultural Diversity
  • EDUC 507 Linguistic Analysis
  • EDUC 725: Teaching across Content-areas: Methods of TESOL
  • EDUC 750(1): Supervised ESL Practicum (K-12)
External Professional Affiliations
TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages)                      
NYSTESOL (New York State Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages)           
AERA (American Education Research Association)                  

Recent Publications
Cho, S. (2013). Disciplinary enculturation experiences of three Korean students in U.S.-based MATESOL programs. Journal of Language, Identity and Education, 12 (2),136-151.

Cho, S., Xu, Yaoying, & Rhodes, J. A. (September 2010). Examining English language learners’ motivation of, and engagement in in reading: A qualitative study. The Reading Matrix,10 (2), 205-220.

Cho, S. & Christenbury, L (2010). Perceptions of Virginia high school English teachers
regarding instruction for English language learners. Virginia English Bulletin. 59 (2), 20-37.

Cho, S. (2009). Disciplinary enculturation experiences of five east Asian doctoral students in second language studies. Asia Pacific Journal of Education. 29 (3), 295-310.

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teachers in English language learner instruction. Journal of Science Teacher Education. 20 (4), 385-424.

McDonnough, T. J. & Cho, S. (2009).  Strategies for connecting to English language
learners in the science classroom. The Science Teacher. 76, 34-37.

Cho, S. & Reich, G. A. (2008). New immigrants, new challenges: High school social
studies teachers in English language learner instruction. The Social Studies. 99, 235-242.

Cho, S. (2008). Beyond language skills: International teaching assistants’ experiences in
U.S.-based ESL programs. Journal of Graduate Student Teaching and Professional Development. 11, 90-108. 

Cho, S. (2004). Challenges of entering discourse communities through publishing in English: Perspectives of nonnative-speaking doctoral students in the United States of America. Journal of Language, Identity, and Education. 3, 47-72.