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John Bahadourian
John Bahadourian Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Columbia University, Teachers College
M.Phil., Columbia University, Teachers College
M.S., Fordham University
B.A., Baruch College
Contact Information
(718) 405-3274
Founders Hall, Room 320
Areas of Expertise
  • Learning Differences
  • Social-Behavioral Differences
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • EDUC 323 Practicum 1 (supervised field experience component)
  • EDUC 714: Practicum in Assessment & Instruction of Special Learners
  • EDUC 212 VO1/VO2: Psychology of Teaching and Learning
  • EDUC 427/527: Classroom Management and Social Skills Instruction

Bahadourian, A. J., Tam K., Greer, R., & Rousseau, M. (2006). The effects of learn units on student performance in two college courses. The International Journal of Behavioral Consultation and Therapy

Bahadourian, A. J., & Greer, R. (2005). Parent education: Increasing child compliance via parental emission of unflawed commands and contingent consequations during play. The Journal of Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention

Ross, D., Bahadourian, A. J., & Wilson, C. (2004). Special Education Interactive Timeline. Textbook supplement for eight Allyn & Bacon (Boston) textbooks in special and inclusive education