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Alfred D'Anca
Dr. Alfred D'Anca Chairperson
Director of Pre-Law Advisement
Associate Professor

Ph.D., Fordham University
Contact Information
(718) 405-3728
  Founders Hall 215
Areas of Expertise
  • Criminology
  • Justice administration
  • Criminal punishment
  • The Court system

  • SOC 101 Core: Sociology
  • SOC 309 Criminology
  • SOC 315 Topics: Women and Violence 
  • SOC 364 Law and Society
  • SOC 369 Current Controversies in Criminal Justice
  • SOC 375 Internship Program
  • SOC 416 Senior Thesis for sociology majors
  • HONR 101 Freshman Honors Seminar 
Research Areas
Nature of crime and criminal behavior, and systems of social control
Relationship between religion and criminology
Institutional influences on human behavior
Dimensions underlying police tactics and citizen behavior
Sense of community and retention at college

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