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Drug Policy

Standard of Conduct
Any possession, use, sale, manufacturer or distribution of illegal or controlled substances on College of Mount Saint Vincent property is considered to be a violation of this policy. Likewise students who are knowingly present where illegal substances are kept or deposited or who are in the company of any person, knowing said person is in possession of illegal or controlled substances or drug paraphernalia are also in violation of this policy.

The College also maintains an interest in the off campus behavior of its student to the extent that the behavior reflects upon the reputation and safety of the institution itself. The College, therefore, reserves the right to institute disciplinary action whenever a matriculated student’s off campus behavior results in arrest and/or conviction for an alleged violation of criminal law regarding illegal drug usage, sale or manufacture.

Because the College of Mount Saint Vincent exists first and foremost as an educational institution, students who actively seek assistance for drug related problems or chemical dependency through the Counseling Center or other student service offices will not, by that action, generate disciplinary or legal action. All such efforts will be kept confidential.

At the same time, student whose behaviors or statements have created reasonable suspicion of drug use and or abuse may require medical testing to prove the absence of controlled substances in their systems. These actions, if deemed necessary, must be carried out in order to remain in attendance and will be supervised by the Vice President for Student Affairs.

Legal Implications
The College seeks to uphold all local, state, and federal laws regarding illegal substances. Applicable regulations and associated penalties relating to drug abuse will be made available to all students through individual mailings.