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Alcohol Policy

Standard of Conduct
Students under the age of 21 are not permitted to possess, purchase or sell, nor are they at any time permitted to consume alcoholic beverages on College of Mount Saint Vincent property. Students 21 years of age and over are permitted to consume alcohol in areas designated for this use.

No alcohol is permitted inside the residence halls where the majority of the residents are under the age of 21.

Resident students 21 years of age and over are permitted to possess and consume alcohol in the privacy of their rooms as long as no one under 21 is present in the room. Kegs and beer balls are not permitted in residence halls.

Visitors to campus who, in the judgment of College Security or administrative staff, appear to exhibit behavior that represents a threat to the safety or well being of the College community may be banned from the campus or any facility thereof.

Use of alcoholic beverages and possession of open containers of alcohol is prohibited in all public areas of campus buildings as well as campus grounds unless expressly approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs or other senior administrator of a respective division of the College.

Alcohol and Social Events
Policies on the use of alcohol beverages at student, faculty or staff functions are described in the relevant handbooks. Additional information, specific criteria and conditions for permission to serve alcohol are available from the Vice President for Institutional Advancement and College Relations and the Vice President for Student Affairs.