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Alcohol and Drugs Policy

The College of Mount Saint Vincent seeks to uphold all local, state and federal statutes regarding the use, sale, service or manufacturer of alcohol. To assure compliance with New York State Law, permission to serve alcohol at student social events is given only on an individual basis, event by event, after review by the Director of Student Activities Leadership and Commuter Life in conjunction with the Vice President of Student Affairs.

Alcohol Policy
Students under the age of 21 are not permitted to possess, purchase or sell, nor are they at any time permitted to consume alcoholic beverages on College of Mount Saint Vincent property. Students 21 years of age and over are permitted to consume alcohol in areas designated for this use. No alcohol is permitted inside the residence halls where the majority of the residents are under the age of 21. Read more

Drug Policy
Any possession, use, sale, manufacturer or distribution of illegal or controlled substances on College of Mount Saint Vincent property is considered to be a violation of these regulations. Likewise students who are knowingly present where illegal substances are kept or deposited or who are in the company of any person, knowing said person is in possession of illegal or controlled substances or drug paraphernalia are also in violation of this policy. Read more

Education, Counseling and Treatment
Students seeking assistance with drug or alcohol dependency or related problems should contact the Counseling Center for evaluation and referral. Read more