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Sexual Assault Policy

Standard of Conduct
The College seeks to uphold all local, state and federal statutes regarding rape and date rape. In New York, sex is defined as a crime when a person engages in sexual intercourse or deviant intercourse (sodomy or foreign objects) with a person without their consent and/or when a person engages in “sexual contact” (the touching of the sexual or other intimate parts of either party for the purpose of gratifying sexual desire of either party without the consent of the victim). Read more

Help for Rape Victims
On Campus
Mount Saint Vincent Counseling Center (718) 405-3332
Mount Saint Vincent Health Center (718) 405-3240

Off Campus
Local Hospital (St. Joseph’s) (914) 378-7000
Rape Crisis Hotline – (212) 267-7273
New York Police Dept. (50th Pct.) – (718) 543-5700

Report a rape to one of the following:
Director of Campus Safety and Security (718) 405-3722
Vice President for Student Affairs (718) 405-3227

Registered Sex Offenders Information Sources
Beginning October 1, 2003, registered Level 3 (high risk) sex offenders are required to provide notice to the State informing them of any institute of higher education at which the person is employed, or is a student.

As of July 2006 registered Level 2 (moderate risk) sex offenders will be listed and can be accessed in the same manner.

Members of the College community can obtain information regarding registered sex offenders who may be students, or are employed by the College, by accessing the following sources:
• New York State Sex Offenders Registry
The subdirectory can be searched by entering a name, city, zip code or any combination of these to obtain a listing.
• New York Police Deptartment – 50th Pct. Community Affairs Officer – (718) 543-5978