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Enforcement Policy
The enforcement power of the Security staff is essentially the same as that or a private citizen in that they do not have peace officer status. Since they do not have full authority to make an arrest, the cooperation received from the three municipal police agencies in our area: the New York Police Department, the Yonkers Police Department, and the MTA Police, have helped immeasurably in our effort to provide the College with an effective security system.

Frequent conferrals are conducted between the Director of Campus Safety and Security and the Commanding Officers of the 3rd Precinct in Yonkers and the NYPD 50th Precinct in Riverdale regarding any safety or security concerns. The College does not have any written Memorandums of Understanding with either of the police departments.

These police agencies are encouraged by the College to maintain an unobtrusive presence on our campus. They consistently respond to our needs by providing a professional supportive role in our campus security operation.

Students and employees are instructed to notify the Office of Campus Safety and Security or the municipal police agency immediately if they are the victim in a criminal incident on campus or in the area surrounding the College. They are advised to notify Security when police have been called to campus, so that security personnel can expedite the response of the police and assist in the investigation of the crime.

The Security staff is responsible for obtaining an accurate account of the incident, preparing the initial report, and notifying the Director of Campus Safety and Security who prepares the detailed crime report for the College administration.