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Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures
In the event of a significant emergency or dangerous situation that endangers the health or safety of the campus community, a timely warning to the community will be issued by the Director of Campus Safety and Security or designee via the “Send Word Now” notification system. The notification will be made after a conferral with the executive staff and emergency personnel. The content of the notification will take into account its effect upon the rendering of assistance to victims and the efforts to mitigate the emergency.

The initial responding Campus security personnel will make the initial assessment of the situation, notify and assist the proper emergency authorities, and notify the Director of Campus Safety and Security. The Emergency Plan is posted on the College website.

Notifications in the Event of an Emergency
President's Office   (718) 405-3233
Provost/Dean of Faculty  (718) 405-3343
Senior Vice President for Institutional Advancement and College Relations (718) 405-3236
Vice President for Operations (718) 405-3400
Vice President for Student Affairs  (718) 405-3227
Vice President for Information and Technology   (718) 405-3280 
Facilities  (718) 405-3239,
(718) 405-3279 

Evacuation/ Relocation Procedure
If the evacuation of a building or buildings is necessary it will be directed and coordinated by the Incident Commander (Director of Campus Safety and Security or the initial responding campus security supervisor) in cooperation with the responding emergency personnel. Send Word Now messages will provide specific directions. If a campus wide evacuation is deemed necessary the 261 Street emergency exit will be opened and the evacuees will be directed by either campus security or first responders to one of two short term relocation sites: The Hebrew Home of Riverdale or Saint Margaret’s parish. A communications center will be established at either the Grace Center or Hudson Heights. Everyone will remain at the relocation site until it is deemed safe by the Director of Campus Safety and Security after conferral with the appropriate responding emergency personnel.

If relocation is deemed necessary by the Director of Security/designee after conferral with the proper emergency response authority, all persons will be directed by campus security to one of these locations: The Grace Center or Hudson Heights. A command post will be established in the location utilized to maintain communications with first responders.

Shelter in Place
A Shelter In Place drill is conducted during the fall and spring semesters. Prior notice is given to the Mount community via the college broadcast email system and Send Word Now. When an order to shelter in place is issued by the Director of Campus Safety and Security the following directions are to be adhered to:
  • Must stop class, work, and business operations
  • Stay within the room you are in and lock any windows or doors
  • Close window blinds and turn off lights
  • Barricade door with furniture if possible
  • Remain quiet, put cell phones in silent mode
  • Get down to the ground away from windows
  • If outdoors, get indoors
  • Remain sheltered in place until directed by first responders and/or campus security