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Reporting Crimes
All members of the College Community subject of or witness to a criminal incident on campus or in the immediate area of the College, are encouraged to report the crime immediately to the Office of Campus Safety and Security staff of the College or to the municipal police agencies that are responsible for our area.

The Security Department obtains from the relevant police department a complete and accurate account of the crime and provides that information to the administration as quickly as possible. Depending on the severity of the incident, the administration may hold meetings to clarify the report to the College community. A timely warning sent via the “Send Word Now” notification system will be issued by the Director of Safety and Security or designee to apprise members of the College Community of an emergency or dangerous situation that could affect the safety of the Community.

The “Send Word Now” system will notify all registered users by telephone, text message, and email of the pertinent information. Advisory notices, sent through campus mail, posters in residence halls, and campus buildings, are used to convey accurate accounts of incidents and relevant preventive measures that can be taken by the community. When appropriate, meetings with the Director of Campus Safety and Security, administrators, staff and students provide up-to-date information on the direction and scope of the police investigations.

Missing Student Notification Procedure
When a student has been missing for 24 hours it will be reported to Campus Security directly or through the office of the Dean of Student Affairs, Residence Life, or any other campus authority. It should be noted that the notification can be made prior to 24 hours if the circumstances dictate. The 50th Precinct will then be notified and will respond to conduct an investigation into the whereabouts of the student. Campus authorities will cooperate and assist in the investigation. Read more

Emergency Call Boxes
Three 24 hour emergency Call Boxes can be used to contact Security Personnel at the 263rd Street Booth. The Call Boxes can be found at the following locations on campus. A blue locator light and sign are above each box to facilitate the location of the boxes after dark.
Call Box#1  Villa Lot (West Side)
Call Box#2 Rear of Science Building
Call Box#3 261st Street Entrance to Marillac Lot
There are also emergency call phones located at the entrances of Founders Hall Porch Entrance (red wall phone) Marillac Hall, Spellman Hall, Alumnae/Mastronardi Halls, Seton Hall, and the Peter Jay Sharp Recreation Center.

To use the call boxes, open the box lid and push the CALL button. The phone will ring and be answered by the Officer at the Main Guard Booth. State your location and the problem, and the Security Supervisor will be directed to respond at once to your location.

After 12 a.m., seven days a week, security personnel equipped with a portable radio system are assigned to the main lobbies of all four residence halls. Security officers on motor and/or foot patrol also respond to any report of criminal activity. Escorts of students are provided by security officers on motor patrol to assure their safety during evening hours.