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Master's Level: International Business

Academic Component

First Semester
3 ECTS credits, 30 hours/course:
International  Marketing Research and Strategies
International Branding
International Human Resource Management
International Supply Chain Management
International Trade
Managerial Economics
Research Methods in Management
International Financial Markets
Research Methodology (1.5 ECTS credits, 15 hours) 
Second Semester
3 ECTS credits, 30 hours/course:
International Case Studies I
Corporate Finance
International Accounting
Organizational Theory and Behaviour
International Economic Law
Intercultural Management in a Globalized World
Research Methodology

Cultural Component
First Semester
Business German (3 ECTS credits, 30 hours) 
Business English (3 ECTS credits, 36 hours) 
Second Semester
Business German (6 ECTS credits, 64 hours)

Practical Component
Technology Venture Formation (6 ECTS credits, 60 hours, offered during the first semester).