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Master's Level: International Financial Management

Academic Component

First Semester
Modern Problems of Management (5 ECTS credits, 22 hours)
Modern Problems of Management: Case-Studies (5 ECTS credits, 22h)
Governance and Management Cost (4 ECTS credits, 24h)
Strategic Management (4 ECTS credits, 24h)
Budgeting and Business Performance Management (4 ECTS credits, 24h)
Mathematical Models in Finance (4 ECTS credits, 24h)
International Branding (3 ECTS credits, 30h)
International Corporate Organization (3 ECTS credits, 30h) 

Second Semester
4 ECTS credits, 24 hours/course:
International Financial Markets and Techniques
Corporate financial policy
Marketing of Sevices
Supply Chain Management
Management and Information Systems
Project Management
Investments and Investment Decisions (5 ECTS credits, 30h)
Informational Financial Technologies (5 ECTS credits, 24h)

Cultural Component
Russian Language (offered both semesters for 5 ECTS credits, 60h)