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Semester in Russia
Semester Program at the St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance

The College of Mount Saint Vincent's Department of Business and Economics has joined forces with St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance (FINEC) to create the “International Semester at FINEC,” which includes two bachelor-level and two master-level programs. FINEC is one of the leading institutions of higher education in economics and business, and has been ranked number one by the Russian Ministry of Education since 1991.
The programs last one or two semesters, from September to January and from February to May. Courses aim to provide systematic understanding of the economic, financial and managerial aspects of enterprise within the international context, particularly the cooperation between European Union and Russia.  

Special features and advantages: 

  • All classes are taught in English, so students are not required to know the Russian language.
  • Classes are taught by leading St. Petersburg professors with extensive experience of working in companies and teaching abroad.
  • Students will experience various study methods, such as conducting case studies, business games, group field assignments, company visits, etc.

Program Organization
Each semester lasts five months. Students can take the first and/or second semester.

  • First semester: September 15 to January 31
  • Second semester: February 1 to June 15
The program provides 24 credits. Students can earn more credits by choosing optional courses.
Bachelor's Level
FINEC Courses
Master's Level 
International Financial Management
The program offers a systematic understanding of the principles of financial management in an international corporation. The modern business environment requires profound knowledge in finance from everyone going to be a successful manager or businessman.
International Business
The aim of the program is to teach students modern aspects of international business administration. The philosophy of the courses is based on consideration of all factors on both global and local levels in strategic decision making.

Accommodations are offered in the students’ dormitory located on the university campus in the center of St. Petersburg, for the entire period of study. The dormitory has double rooms. Each room is provided with basic furniture (two beds equipped with mattresses and bed linen, table, chairs, wardrobe, and a fridge. Students have access to the kitchen, shower room, and toilet, as well as the TV and washing machine located on the floor. WiFi connection is also available in the dormitory.