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Charity Begins at the Mount
By Erin Walsh

It’s a familiar phrase that charity begins at home.

Some might say, however, that charity begins at the Mount.

Since the College’s inception, the Mount has strived to live up the mission entrusted to it by its founders, the Sisters of Charity, and to embody the legacy of charity and giving back to the less fortunate espoused by Saints Vincent de Paul and Elizabeth Ann Seton.

It should come as no surprise, then, that Mount faculty, administrators, staff, students and alumni practice what they preach.

Vice President for Information Technology and Chief information Officer W. Adam Wichern is just one such example.

Adam Wichern, Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

Every summer, Mr. Wichern travels to the camp for at-risk boys that his father, Dr. Walter Wichern, founded in 1949, along with colleague Dr. H. Meredith Berry, on Dyer Island off the coast of Maine. The two doctors, who met at Roosevelt Hospital, met a boy through their involvement with Big Brother who frequently ran away from home.

Their solution? To put him and other similar teens on an island, where they participated in such activities as picking blueberries in the summer, the profits of which helped to offset college expenses; hunting deer and duck in the winter and spring months, and how to survive in icy, wintry weather.

More than 50 years later, Berwick Boys Camp, which is funded through private donations to the Berwick Boys Foundation, is still thriving, and providing boys, regardless of financial background, with invaluable life skills, fun and memories to last a lifetime.