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Vote for Teacher of the Year Award
Has there been a teacher who has inspired you? Has one particular teacher's class left a lasting impression on you? The Excellence in Teaching Committee invites all students to show their appreciation and enthusiasm by nominating that teacher for the College of Mount Saint Vincent's Teacher of the Year by Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nomination Criteria
Criteria to consider as you make your nominations:
  • Does the teacher frequently make the content interesting and understandable?
  • Does the teacher frequently use strategies that engage you as a learner?
  • Is the teacher approachable with academic concerns?
  • Does the teacher use a variety of innovative teaching methods?

Professors who are NOT eligible (because they won within the past 6 years) are:

  • Lynne Bongiovanni
  • Omar Nagi
  • Joseph Skelly
  • Tracy Prout
  • Christine Corcoran
  • Felix Bocchino
  • Edward Zukowski
Vote Now!
Email your vote to, and WRITE THE NAME OF YOUR CHOICE IN THE SUBJECT BOX. Please use your College of Mount Saint Vincent email address. Please note that each student can only VOTE ONE TIME, for ONE PROFESSOR!