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Renowned Alumnae/i
 Corazon Aquino, Class of 1953, former president of the Philippines.

Miriam Naveira de Rodón, Class of 1956,is the first and only woman to serve as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico. She is also the first woman to serve Puerto Rico as Assistant Attorney General for the Antitrust Division, the first woman to serve as Solicitor General, and the first woman to serve as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

Julianne L. Imperato-McGinley, Class of 1961, is recognized as one of this nation’s finest endocrinologists. She is the principal Investigator and Director for the largest federal research grant ever awarded to the Weil Cornell Medical College.  There she serves as Associate Dean for Translational Research and Education.

Noreen M. Culhane
, Class of 1972, executive vice president of the New York Stock Exchange.

Dr. Matthew Arduino, Class of 1979, chief of the Environmental and Applied Microbiology section, Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion, of the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and recipient of the Health and Human Services Secretary’s Award for Distinguished Service for his World Trade Center and Anthrax Investigation Emergency Response Team.

Noreen Doyle, Class of 1971, first vice president of the London-based European Bank for Reconstruction and Development; elected to the Board of Directors of Credit Suisse Group in 2005; ranked by the Wall Street Journal as one of “Europe’s most successful businesswomen”.

Rosemary Berkery, Class of 1975, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.; named one of Fortune's "5 Women to Watch" in the magazine's annual "Most Powerful Women in Business" 2003 issue.