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Department Goals

Psychology is the scientific study of mind and behavior. Psychology majors develop an understanding of human behavior and valuable skills in critical thinking, problem solving, and analysis.

The Psychology Major provides excellent preparation for careers in helping professions, education, non-profit organizations and industry, as well as for graduate studies in Psychology, medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy and law. The Psychology curriculum provides a strong foundation in Psychological science and allows students to explore specific interests in Psychology by choosing electives, internships and research experience.

Department Learning Outcomes
1) Demonstrate understanding of psychology as science:
(a) Understand different research methods;
(b) Understand how evidence is used to create knowledge in the field.

2) Demonstrate knowledge of and ability to apply psychological principles and theories.

3) Demonstrate knowledge of how principles and theories vary across populations and cultures.

4) Adopt Professional standards in:
(a) Information literacy skills;
(b) Communication skills (APA style);
(c) APA ethical guidelines-respect for freedom and dignity.