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Department Goals
Department Statement of Purpose and Learning Outcomes


The purpose of the Department of Nursing is to provide students with a theory based, values oriented liberal arts education and prepare professional nurses to address the complex health related problems of a diverse population across the lifespan. The Department of Nursing embraces a commitment to a values-oriented education rooted in its Catholic tradition with respect for each individual’s potential contribution to society.

The Department of Nursing carries out its mission with an awareness of the diversity and needs of our community of interest, and a sense of responsibility, critical thinking, open inquiry, and self-respect and the need for lifelong learning.

Department Learning Outcomes  
Students completing an undergraduate degree in the Department of Nursing will be able to:
New and Current Curriculum:

1) Integrate knowledge from the liberal arts and sciences into culturally sensitive professional nursing practice.
2) Use leadership concepts to plan, implement, delegate, supervise, and evaluate outcomes of patient care.
3) Integrate evidence for multiple ways of knowing when planning, implementing, and evaluating outcomes of care.
4) Ethically use information and communication technology to obtain nursing practice data, and to document and evaluate patient outcomes.
5) Advocate for health care policies that address local and global health issues influencing health care and practice.
6) Provide and or plan evidenced based nursing care in a variety of settings through collaboration with patients and other health care providers.
7) Facilitate health promoting behaviors in patients throughout the life span in a variety of settings.
8) Assume responsibility for professional development.
9) Use the nursing process and plan competent, effective and evidence-based nursing care that contributes to safe and high quality outcomes.