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Department Policies

1. Core Curriculum
All students are required to take two semesters, or 6 credits, of a modern language other than English at the College of Mount Saint Vincent. These credits must be in the same language. The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures strongly recommends that all students fulfill their core modern language requirement during their first year.

2. Placement
Entering students who continue language study begun elsewhere are placed in an appropriate language course on the basis of their academic record (GPA, SAT, AP, IB, rank, grades), number of years of language study and intended major.

3. TOEFL Exam
International students who have presented TOEFL scores for admission are usually excused from the modern language requirement, but must take additional courses (6 credits) in English. They must first consult the Department Chairperson for approval.

4. Modern Language Proficiency Certificate
The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures awards a certificate in modern language proficiency in French, Italian and Spanish based on demonstrated ability to comprehend, read, speak, and write the language. Requirements: A grade of "B" or better in six credits taken in language and literature courses at or above the 300 level, and an oral proficiency examination administered by the Department. The certificates are awarded upon reception of a baccalaureate degree.

5. Study Abroad Programs
The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures encourages all students to study abroad. We regularly run faculty-led winter and summer programs in Italy and Spain as well as collaborate with the College’s Study Abroad Office to help students explore many other semester and summer study abroad opportunities which are available to them.