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Department Goals
Department Statement of Purpose and Learning Outcomes

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures offers programs of study in a variety of languages, literatures, and cultures. Its programs impart invaluable skills which make students more attractive job candidates across a wide-range of careers in an increasingly competitive global market. Its foundational courses teach students to comprehend, read, write, and speak effectively in another language, and its advanced courses teach students how to think across cultures and critically analyze major literary texts and other cultural productions.

In keeping with the College’s mission, the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures also provides students with a greater awareness and appreciation of diverse peoples and cultures as well as a greater sensitivity towards the problems and issues facing the world today.

Department Learning Outcomes
1) Students will comprehend and read proficiently in the language of study at a complex level.
2) Students will speak the language effectively before a group.
3) Students will write critical, well-researched, well-developed and convincing essays in the language of study.
4) Students will demonstrate a knowledge and appreciation of the history and cultural traditions of the regions in which the language is spoken.
5) Students will employ the techniques of modern analysis and criticism to major literary texts, thereby demonstrating the ability to think critically and logically.
6) Students will demonstrate the ability to critically analyze non-literary cultural productions in the language of study (i.e. film, music, visual and performing arts).